About Krunal Tailor

Hi. I’m Krunal, a male henna artist from London, UK. Having always been imaginative from a young age, I have expressed myself through creative outlets. Painting, sketching and crafting have always been an innate part of my life in understanding the world. Running back from school, I’d flick through in awe of all these alluring flowers and animals rendered so delicately, no not in henna, but as permanent tattoos. Hooked on shows such as LA Ink I was fascinated by body art and how you could express yourself through your body. As I continued to mature, I came across my aunt who was adorning a bride and was mind blown. At age 11, I discovered this loophole by picking up a cone and being able to give myself tattoos without the wrath of my parents. Since then the artform has stuck, never leaving my side. The joy I felt then is now elated as I share this smile with my bride whilst adorning her.

Over the years my art has been an amalgamation of various influences, culture, history and the world around me. I have taught myself the fundamentals of what I know today, which I have then taken further through training, learning from others, and travelling the globe, yearning for more. I approach henna with an open mind, eagerness to continually learn and advance my craft. Doing so has allowed me to develop my own distinctive style though my journey.

As a male Henna Artist based in London, I am a firm believer that henna is for everyone, regardless of gender, culture or background. I create artwork for a range of clients and for many different events throughout my services: bridal, private and cooperate.